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Real Property Records Filing (L.G.C.§ 118.013); L.G.C.§ 118.011. A county clerk shall collect the following fees for services rendered. Fees are subject to change.
Document Type Local
Government Code Sec.
Description Fee
Real Property Filling 118.013 For the first page only     * $26.00
Each additional page        $4.00
Each name in excess of five that have to be indexed        $0.25
     191.007 NO heading on top of first page of document        $5.00
  11.003 Any document conveying interest in property must have the grantee's address, if not, double the filing fee of the document or $25.00, whichever is the greater of the two      
  191.007 Double the fee of any page that is illegible      
  191.007 Names not printed under signatures - double the filing of that page --
Abstract of Judgment 118.052 Recording    * $26.00
Each additional page        $4.00
      PC 52.041 Plaintiff or Judgment Creditor address must be on Abstract of Judgment, if not, double filing fee or $25.00, whichever is the greater of the two      
Honorable Discharge
(Form DD-214)
1939a VACS Recording and copies NO CHARGE
Hospital Lien or Release of Hospital Lien 55.005   * $26.00
Assumed Name Certificate
$23.00 for filing and $4.00 for 1st page
BCC 71.155 Busn & Comm Code 36.10 (Good for 10 years). Add $4.00 for each additional page. * $23.00
Indexing company name and each additional name         $0.50
Abandonment of Assumed Name
$23.00 for filing and $4.00 for 1st page
BCC 71.155 Add $4.00 for each additional page    * $23.00
State Tax Lien or Release of State Tax Lien Tax Code Sec. 32.005 Filing and recording     * $16.00
Federal Tax Lien, Release of Tax Lien 118.011 Other tax lien certificates (Prop Code 14.004 - 14.005        *31.00
    Copy of Notice of Federal Tax Lien, per page         $1.50
UCC 118.013         $26.00
Each additional page        $4.00
Plats Filing and recording      *$121.00
  Certified Copy of Plat $15.00
  Tax Certificates $26.00
  Each additional page $50.00
“All Documents filed must have a 5-inch margin of free and clear space on the bottom of the last page for the placement of certification Seal and validation stamp.”
Brand Registration 118.02        *26.00
Brand (each location) 118.011 Re-recording period (09-01-2001 to 02-28-2002        *26.00
Notice of Trustee Sale Prop Code 51.002 $2 + $1 Sec. Fee        $3.00
Document Type Local
Government Code Sec.
Description Fee
Birth Certificates 118.015 Same as state registar       $23.00
Each Additional copy ordered at the same time       $23.00
Death Certificates 118.015 First copy ordered $21.00
     Each additional copy ordered at the same time          $4.00
Marriage License 118.018 Issuance of marriage license *82.00
Parental consent form (applicants under 18 years old) $1.00
Certified copy of Marriage License only upon registration $8.00
Marriage License Search $21.00
Declaration of Informal Marriage 118.019 Informal Marriage license *47.00
Liquor Licences   Application Fee $16.00
Per Certification $5.00
Certified Papers 118.014 Clerk's Certificate $5.00
Non-Certified Papers 118.145 Each page or part of page $1.00
  118.011   $1.00
Security Fee 291.008   $1.00
Recording Fee 118.013   $5.00
Records Management and Preservation Fee 118.0216   $10.00
Records Archive Fee 118.025   $10.00

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