Official Webb County records prior to 1991 are in their original paper and books and are exposed to deterioration from daily usage and the unfavorable elements in the storage areas. The County Clerk’s Office seeks to preserve the existing original records by restoring or recreating books, digitizing older paper records, re-indexing handwritten indexed records and entering the images and date to a computerized system.

Presently our computer system holds Official Public Records information from 1982 to the present date. It is the goal of The Webb County Clerk’s Office to continue scanning the records that still remain in paper form and further add to the current number of images available at computer terminals located in our office for better accessibility to the public.

The goal of the County Clerk’s Office is to:

Continue to modernize and upgrade the systems in the Office
Continue to add records and information to the existing computer system
Expedite records searching by having more records available for electronic retrieval
Continue to eliminate the need for paper records
Reclaim much needed space in the public records area

In February of 2005, Webb County contracted with Landata Technologies, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas for the scanning of our Historical records from the early 1800’s to 1991. The scanning project will continue until all our records have been scanned and verified by the employees of the Clerk’s office before they are downloaded into the system and the original books can be preserved.

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