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1. 2012 Webb County - Texas Veterans Commission Fund For Veteran's Assitance Program

Funding Source: Texas Veterans Commission
Program: Texas Veterans Commission - Veteran's Assitance Program
Partners: Webb County Veterans's Office
Requested Amount: $ 100,000.00
County In-Kind: $ 20,000.00
Status: Submitted July 2012

The Webb County Veterans Office proposed to provide the funding for the establishment of a Veterans Urgent Need Assistance Program. This program would have been administered under the Webb County Community Action Agency. The requested funding would have been used to create a general funding pool, to be set aside exclusively for veteran client services, including veteran dependents and/or survivors. The program would have provided a short-term (up to two months), temporary utility, mortgage and/or rental assistance subsidy. The financial assistance payments will be made to third parties, not the clients. Beneficiary eligibility would have been based using income based criterion.

2. 2013-2014 TxCDBG Community Development Fund - Fire Protection Vehicles Project

Funding Source: Texas Department of Agriculture
Program: Community Development Program
Partners: Webb County Fire Department
Requested Amount: $ 293,418.00
County In-Kind: $ 29,342.00
Status: Submitted October 2013

Webb County proposes the acquisition of two (2) fire suppression brush trucks to increase the ability of the Webb County Fire Department to provide crucial fire protection services within rural Webb County excluding the Entitlement City of Laredo, Rio Bravo and El Cenizo. The first fire suppression brush truck quoted is a 2012 Ford F750 with a 1,000 gallon Poly Tank and 10 Gallon Foam Cell and the second is a 2013 Ford F550 with a 400 Gallon Poly Tank and 10 Gallon Foam Cell. The new fire suppression trucks will be stationed and rotated between the two existing Webb County Fire Department facility located on US Highway 59 and the Quad City Fire Station located on State Highway 359 as needed to minimize response time to 911 emergency fire related calls in the rural areas.

3. 2012 Webb County Volunteer Fire Department - Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)

Funding Source: FEMA: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Grant Program: Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
Total Project Budget: $ 301,002.00
Requested Amount: $ 273,639.00
County Match: $ 27,363.00 (Cash Match)
Status: Submitted July 2012

The Webb County Volunteer Fire Department will utilize requested AFG funds to acquire two (2) fire protection vehicles (1 Brush Truck and 1 Quick Attack Brush Truck) to effectively provide vital fire protection services to rural Webb County, Texas. The proposed Webb County Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) Project objective is to acquire fire protection vehicles required to meet the identified needs of the recently established Webb County Volunteer Fire Department. This objective is part of a comprehensive effort implemented by Webb County to establish and build a new volunteer fire department through the provision of resources such as manpower, equipment, vehicles and facilities. Webb County created a fire protection committee to develop a strategy to identify what resources would be needed and where funding could be found to acquire these resources. Webb County consulted with the Texas Forest Service and the Texas Commission on Fire Protection in the development of this strategy.

4. 2012 Webb County Community Action Agency - FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program Application

Funding Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Program: Emergency Food and Shelter Program
Partners: United Way of Laredo
Requested Amount: $ 20,000.00
Status: Submitted December 2012

The Laredo-Webb County Safe Haven, in partnership with Teaching and Mentoring Communities (TMC), is a program that assists children, in judicially supervised family situations, with the opportunities needed to provide a safe and conflict-free exchange between custodial and non-custodial parents. This program allows for supervised visitations to ensure that children and their non-custodial parent can meet in a safe and secured environment. Clients include children who are the subject of court ordered visitation exchanges and/or supervised visitations; children who are the victims of abuse and/or neglect; children who are involved and/or witnessed domestic violence; children of parents with substance abuse and/or mental health problems; children who are assigned to custody or care of the Division of Family Services; children of parent's whose living situation is unsuitable for meeting the needs of those children; and children of a parent who the Court suspects may leave the state with the children.

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