Aliza F. Oliveros, Head Start Director
Estela Salazar, Assistant Director I
Luz Munoz, Assistant Director II
Location: 5904 West Drive Units 6 & 7.
Phone Number: 795-1515
Days/Hour of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00  – 5:00
Parents are encouraged to visit the Main Office to inform themselves of all aspects of the Head Start program, to meet the Administrative Staff, and/or to voice any concerns.

Parent Engagement
This content area is headed by Linda M Payle, Parent Engagement Coordinator. Her office is located at 2802 McDonell, phone number (956)722-6571. This Coordinator and her assistants are responsible for:
  1. Parent Volunteers - in classrooms and committees
  2. Center Committee - parents meetings in centers
  3. Policy Council - A committee responsible in many areas for the planning and the operations of the program
  4. Parent Guidance - At all levels
  5. In-Kind - Forms for donated services
  6. Parent Training's - According to parent's needs assessment

Family Community Engagement
This content area is headed by Maria Elena Hernandez, FCE Coordinator. FCE Staff is located at each Head Start Center to accommodate families closer to their homes with the following responsibilities:
  1. Recruitment - Starts in April
  2. Enrollment - Year round
  3. Referrals - To meet family needs
  4. Attendance - Children should attend classes everyday
  5. Transportation - On a limited basis
  6. Home Visits - As needs arise

Criteria for enrollment information is needed
  1. Application must meet income guidelines as established by the Department of Health and Human Service
  2. Age Eligibility - Applicants must be three (3) years of age as of September 1st.
  3. The following information is needed at the time of appointment
    1. Birth Certificates of all family members
    2. Social Security numbers of all family members
    3. Check Stubs, 1040 and W2 forms
    4. Utility bills, or proof of residency
    5. Immunization card for applicant

This Content Area is headed by Lucy Trejo, Education Director, and four assistants. Their office is located at 2802 McDonell and the phone number is (956) 722-6571. The program implements the Creative Curriculum, and Frog Street Curriculum. The Curriculums are research-based and bilingual. In addition, they are aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and with the Texas Pre-K Guidelines. Children participate in two daily lesions, one taught in English and another in Spanish. All the Head Start teachers have obtained an associate degree in Early Childhood Education or a baccalaureate degree in Early Childhood Education. The program is working on meeting the federal mandate for teachers to obtain a baccalaureate degree in Early Childhood Education by 2013. All the Centers are licensed by the Texas Department of Human Services, to ensure that our centers meet the states required minimum standards.

This content area is headed by Leticia Mendoza, Nutrition Coordinator and one assistant. Her office is located at 4704 Naranjo, phone (956) 722-6871. The meals that are provided to the children are appropriate amounts and nutrients for ages 1-5.

Mealtimes are as follows:
Breakfast: 8:45 a.m.  Lunch: at 11:45 at all centers P.M. Snack at 1:45 at all centers
Heights pm snack at 1:25 to 1:40 1:41 to 1:57
JC Martin Breakfast 7:45 Lunch 10:45 pm snack 1:30
P.M. Snack at 2:15 for 11 month program & EHS 2nd p.M. Snack at 4:15 P.M
Children will be taught the correct portions for their age. Some appetities vary; children will learn to serve themselves the correct portion to prevent waste or overeating.

Special diets are provided to children upon a doctors recommendation for this special need. Counseling is also available for children who are underweight or overweight.

This content area is headed by Ana Ma. Huerta, Health Coordinator an L.V.N and four assistants. There office is located at 2802 McDonell, phone number is (956)722-6571. During the year your child may receive the following medical and dental services:

1. Physical exam – Annual
2. Heights and Weights – twice a year
3. Vision and Hearing - Annual
4. Blood test ( iron) – Annual
5. Lead exam – one result, no matter the date
6. Blood Pressure – Annual
7. Medical or Dental Treatments
8. Developmental Screenings

The Health Content area staff is available to discuss any concerns you might have regarding your child’s medical or dental needs.

Specialized Services:

A.) Mental Health
This content area is headed by Lucila Ruiz, Mental Health Coordinator. Her office is located at 2808 McDonell phone number (956) 722-6571. During the program year two classroom observations are done by a mental health consultant. The purpose of these observations is to observe the children's participation and behavior. Recommendations are given to the teachers and the parents to assist in any concerns. Other services include:
Psychological or Psychiatric evaluation
Family Counseling Group Therapy and Discussions Parenting skill development B.) Disability
This content area is headed by Janita Peña, Disability Coordinator. Her office is located at 2808 McDonell, phone number (956)7226571. The Head Start program also serves children with special needs. We work very close with the school districts and agencies providing special services. Professional, staff and parents work together to decide what is best for the child. Both the child and the family will be transitioned to the public school or an agency when the child leaves Head Start.

This content area is headed by Leticia Zavala, T/TA Manager also responsible for all training's (staff & parents and staff's college issues). Her office is located at 2802 McDonell, phone number (956) 722-6571. A transition process is in place to strengthen communication and coordination between Head Start program, community agencies, and elementary schools, for children entering and leaving the Head Start program. It also educates and prepares parents for transition and for their continuing role on their children's education.

Mission Statement

To promote school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of low-income children through the provision of health, education, nutritional, social, and other services that are determined to be necessary.

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