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Delivery System Refrom Incentive Payment (DSRIP)  

Through the 1115 Waiver, RHPs and DSRIP performing providers can invest in transforming their capacities to:

• Participate in integrated systems of care in which the elements of the system function together in a highly effective manner on an individual and population basis and where patients can receive the right care at the right time in the right setting;

• Offer timely, proactive, coordinated medical home care from a multi-disciplinary team that is highly adept at managing chronic disease;

• Provide patients with positive health care experiences;

• Deliver proactive and planned prevention and primary care services for all patients, and expand the primary care workforce to increase capacity and enable increased patient access;

• Deliver high-quality care and be an engine for ongoing improvement in quality, safety, and

• efficiency; and

• Provide equitable care and an equitable opportunity for health that is tailored to patient-specific health care needs, desires, and backgrounds in a respectful manner.


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