NEWS RELEASE: New Detection Expands Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine in Laredo, Texas

The following is a public message regarding the invasive Mexican Fuit Fly:

Please find a news release below in English and Spanish detailing the detection of an additional adult Mexican Fruit Fly in the Del Mar area of Laredo which caused an expansion of the quarantine area. Also, a map of the extended quarantine boundary in Laredo, Texas is provided. The primary message is that NO FRUIT CAN LEAVE THE QUARANTINE AREA. Fruit is permitted to enter the quarantine area and move around the area but cannot leave the quarantine area.

News Releases:

New Detection Release - English

New Detection Release - Spanish

Laredo Quarantine Map

Public Service Announcements: Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine

Below are the links to four production quality public service announcements in English and Spanish about the Mexican Fruit Fly outbreaks in Webb and Zapata Counties. The links are to a MexFly YouTube page where other videos can be used when covering stories as the incident progresses. Again, we appreciate your support for this critical agricultural issue.

Video links:

30 sec PSA - English

30 sec PSA - Spanish

45 sec PSA - English

45 sec PSA - Spanish


“A quarantine in your area means you can NOT move locally grown fruit, or fruit you purchased IN a quarantine area, OUT of the quarantine area. If you do, you risk spreading the Mexican Fruit Fly and expanding quarantines. All fruit brought into the quarantine area must stay. The fly is not under the quarantine, although we are certainly trying to eradicate this invasive pest. Please DO NOT move fruit from the quarantine areas in Laredo, Zapata and San Ygnacio.”

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