Through our Community Center we are constantly striving to provide high quality assistance for the residents in the area. Our center currently offers the following programs:

BANC (Border Area Nutrition Council)

• Nutrition Counseling
• Elderly Nutrition Program

Kids Café – Monday thru Friday (3:00p.m - 4:00p.m)

Community Action Agency – Monday thru Friday (8:00a.m - 5:00p.m)

W.I.C. City of Rio Bravo – Monday thru Friday (8:00a.m – 5:00p.m)

Work Force Mobile- Every Friday (9:00a.m – 3:00p.m)

Mercy Ministries Mobile- Every Wednesday (9:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)

U.S.D.A – Once a Month

Healthy Start Mobile – Every Monday (8:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

Doctors Hospital Mobile - Every Monday (9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.) &
Friday (11:00a.m. - 1:00p.m.)

South Texas Food Bank

• Summer Nutrition Youth Program
• Weekly bread distribution

BCFS - Medicaid/Snap - Every Thursday (9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.)

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